Water, prison, bridge. (at Bay Bridge)

Your reign is ever growing, spreading like a moss.

Domes for days.

The freeways and highways don’t know the buzz from the bird on my dash.

Searching for the Black Mailbox.

"I beg to differ, sir. We started a game we never got to finish. Play for blood, remember?" #tombstone #routesettingposse (at Rock’n&Jam’n)

Ben “Carl” Edwards spoolin’ the turbo and catching mad air in the big rig. #dothemountain #gobigorgohome #wewenthome (at Grays and Torreys Peak)

Last night the clouds dripped down in rainy whorls and I watched the horizon turn yellow.

The kid was throwin’ smoke tonight. Time to retire the ol’ #ballglove. (at Skinner Middle School)

Caught my cousin’s band @the_pines tonight at the Bluebird. Dave’s been a huge influence on my life, filling in the Older Brother requirement with aplomb, always keeling me in check. For that I am eternally grateful. Great show tonight!

"Just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you." #blackhelicopters #trustnoone

Finding the same things, without looking. “Crow’s feet no. 2” #corvid #wefinddeadthings (at Mile High Stadium)

"It’s the sudden thrill that the hunter feels when they’re on their heels and the hunted yields." #sims #onthehunt #wherewearegoingwedontneedfilters aka #nofilter